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Listed on NZX ( $0.90    -0.05    -5.26%)

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Computershare, Level 2, 159 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland
Tel : +64 9 488 8700
Fax : +64 9 488 8787
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Address: c/- Hayes Knight Chartered Accountants, 1/100 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland, NZL
Tel:  64-4-472-7877 Fax: 64-4-472-2291

Date first listed: 07/08/2004
Company Secretary: 
Sector: Investment Industry Group: Investment
Activities: Investing in the small company sector in NZ

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name changed from Salvus Strategic Investments Limited12/03/2012

NZX Announcements (courtesy of NZX)

Title Date Type
SSH Notice - Collins Asset Management Limited 31 Mar 2015, 9:37am SSH
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - T Cook 27 Mar 2015, 5:06pm RELINT
Interim Report 27 Mar 2015, 10:51am INTERIM
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Mark Charles Darrow 26 Mar 2015, 9:50am RELINT
VIL Half Year Results Investor Presentation 10 Mar 2015, 9:22am ADDRESS
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Timothy John Cook 6 Mar 2015, 5:07pm RELINT
SSH Notice - Wilmat Holdings Limited 27 Feb 2015, 4:36pm SSH
SSH Notice - Michael John Morton 27 Feb 2015, 4:35pm SSH
Veritas announces solid half year result 26 Feb 2015, 8:49am HALFYR
SSH Notice - Michael Morton No.2 Family Trust 2 Feb 2015, 8:58am SSH
SSH Notice - MBH Limited 2 Feb 2015, 8:56am SSH
SSH Notice - Wilmat Holdings Limited 2 Feb 2015, 8:56am SSH
Reorganisation of entities associated with Mich... 2 Feb 2015, 8:40am GENERAL
Independent Director Determination 17 Dec 2014, 11:52am DIRECTOR
Veritas announces General Manager for Nosh 11 Dec 2014, 2:17pm GENERAL
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - J Moore 1 Dec 2014, 12:49pm RELINT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - R Sigley 1 Dec 2014, 12:48pm RELINT
Veritas Appoints New Directors 1 Dec 2014, 11:59am DIRECTOR
SSH Notice - Dirty Tree Pubs Limited (1, 2 and 3) 1 Dec 2014, 8:31am SSH
Notification of Allotment of Securities 28 Nov 2014, 5:15pm ALLOT
SSH Notice - Veritas Investments Limited 28 Nov 2014, 5:09pm SSH
Veritas completes acquisition of Better Bar Com... 28 Nov 2014, 5:03pm ASSET
Purchase of Better Bar Company approved 25 Nov 2014, 11:29am ASSET
Annual Shareholders' Meeting Results 25 Nov 2014, 11:29am MEETING
Annual Meeting Presentation 25 Nov 2014, 11:29am ADDRESS
Mad Butcher opens 40th store 17 Nov 2014, 8:50am GENERAL
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Timothy John Cook 13 Nov 2014, 12:09pm RELINT
Veritas Investments Limited - Notice of Annual ... 10 Nov 2014, 2:58pm MEETING
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Mark Charles Darrow 7 Nov 2014, 11:43am RELINT
Acquisition expected to lift annual revenue to ... 7 Nov 2014, 8:49am ASSET
Director Nominations Closing Date 13 Oct 2014, 3:07pm GENERAL

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Is the Mad butcher stores moving to Australia11/12/2013 10:14:09
I am still wondering the wisdom of the company's recent share split 25:1, thereby reducing the amount of shares on issue. thereby causing
reduce trading volumes as well as reduction in the price of the shares. Consequently causing loss to the shareholder. can sombody throw some light on this, over to you, Mark
05/02/2013 13:44:45
is the Mad Butcher chain really worth $30m? As the bricks and mortar are all leased, how does this stack up?29/01/2013 16:03:24
Can we purchase shares in this company and where from 


21/12/2012 18:01:41
I also notice Mark Darrow is a bit remiss in not mentioning his Employment/Involvement with that Sharemarket Darling Dorchester Pacific, where he was employed as Brent Kings Hatchet Man. I wonder why?25/10/2012 16:50:06

I thought the directors were not going to accept directorship fees, until they had an investment proposal. But I see in the first annual report they have ?

15/09/2012 11:35:43

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    Directors' share transactions (last 5)

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    Purchases Sales

    27/06/2012Mark DarrowOn market91,667 $0.030$2,750
    26/06/2012Tim CookOn market366,667 $0.030$11,000
    18/05/2012Simon WallaceOn market1,220,000 $0.021$25,830
    03/05/2012Mark DarrowOn market19,838 $0.051$1,012
    02/04/2012Mark DarrowOn market50,000 $0.050$2,500

    Directors & Executives (current)

    Mark DarrowChairman23/12/2011
    Adrienne RobertsCFO05/05/2014
    John MooreIndependent Director01/12/2014
    Sharon HunterIndependent Director01/02/2014
    Richard SigleyDirector28/11/2014
    Stefan PrestonDirector16/01/2013
    Michael MortonDirector08/05/2013
    Tim CookDirector23/12/2011

    Directors & Executives (former)

    Shane McKillenDirector08/05/201316/09/2014
    Simon WallaceManaging Director23/12/201116/01/2013
    Kim EllisChairman, Independent Director30/10/200823/12/2011
    Jason HollingworthIndependent Director07/09/200723/12/2011
    Brian GaynorDirector23/03/201023/12/2011
    Frank PearsonDirector27/11/200914/03/2011
    Andrew CouchDirector23/01/200410/12/2010
    Trevor JanesDirector07/09/200706/12/2010
    Barrie DowneyDirector23/01/200428/11/2008