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Listed on NZX ( $1.170    +0.020    +1.74%)

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Link Market Services, Level 16, 19 Victoria Street West, Auckland 1010 New Zealand
Tel : +64 9 375 5998
Fax : +64 9 375 5990
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Address: Centre for Innovation, 87 St David Street, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZL
Tel:  64-3-479-5800 Fax: 64-3-479-5801

Date first listed: 10/01/2003
Company Secretary: Deloitte
Sector: Investment Industry Group: Investment
Activities: Biomedical company developing diagnostic and therapeutic products to manage cancer and other diseases

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name changed from Pacific Edge Biotechnology Limited23/04/2010

NZX Announcements (courtesy of NZX)

Title Date Type
Conversion of Pacific Edge Limited Preference S... 14 Mar 2014, 10:42am ALLOT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Anatole Masfen 12 Mar 2014, 2:43pm RELINT
NZXR Price Enquiry into Pacific Edge Limited ("... 11 Mar 2014, 4:02pm S/PRICE
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - D Darling 10 Mar 2014, 4:46pm RELINT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Christopher Swann 7 Mar 2014, 12:14pm RELINT
SSH Notice - Peter Karl Christopher Huljich 6 Mar 2014, 2:13pm SSH
Callaghan Innovation Growth Grant 27 Feb 2014, 10:00am GENERAL
BOP & Lakes Urologists adopt Cxbladder 11 Feb 2014, 12:35pm GENERAL
Health Innovation Hub signs commercial agreement 10 Feb 2014, 3:11pm GENERAL
Cxbladder boosting confidence in bladder cancer... 29 Jan 2014, 2:28pm GENERAL
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - (David Darling) 15 Jan 2014, 2:53pm RELINT
SSH - Harbour Asset Management Limited 14 Jan 2014, 10:07am SSH
HY Report 19 Dec 2013, 4:47pm INTERIM
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - (Anatole Masfen) 4 Dec 2013, 12:37pm RELINT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - (Colin Dawson) 4 Dec 2013, 12:36pm RELINT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - (Christopher Swann) 4 Dec 2013, 12:36pm RELINT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - (David Darling) 4 Dec 2013, 12:35pm RELINT
Notice of Issue of Shares under Renounceable Ri... 4 Dec 2013, 10:55am ALLOT
Conversion of Pacific Edge Limited Preference S... 29 Nov 2013, 4:12pm ALLOT
PEL Preliminary Half Year Report 29 Nov 2013, 3:27pm HALFYR
Pacific Edge shareholder rights offer closes 28 Nov 2013, 2:23pm RIGHT
PE signs Cxbladder agreement with 3rd national ... 28 Nov 2013, 10:58am GENERAL
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - David Darling 26 Nov 2013, 11:54am RELINT
Initial Disclosure Notice - James Suttie 25 Nov 2013, 4:29pm RELINT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - CE Dawson 15 Nov 2013, 3:22pm RELINT
Initial Disclosure Notice - Bryan Williams 14 Nov 2013, 9:04am RELINT
Andrew Patterson talks to David Darling of Paci... 13 Nov 2013, 4:36pm ADDRESS
Capital Raising Documentation 11 Nov 2013, 4:11pm S/HOLDER
Despatch Notice 11 Nov 2013, 4:04pm RIGHT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Anatole Masfen 5 Nov 2013, 2:37pm RELINT
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Anatole Masfen 1 Nov 2013, 9:13am RELINT
SSH Notice - Peter Hanbury Masfen and Joanna Al... 1 Nov 2013, 9:11am SSH
Amended PEB Simplified Disclosure Prospectus 29 Oct 2013, 9:57am RIGHT
Memo of Amendments to Registered Prospectus 29 Oct 2013, 9:57am RIGHT
Quotation Notice: Pacific Edge Limited Rights 25 Oct 2013, 9:21am LISTING
Pacific Edge Limited Rights - Appendix 7 25 Oct 2013, 9:20am APPNDX7
SSH - Harbour Asset Management Limited 23 Oct 2013, 5:05pm SSH
PEB - Waiver from Rule 7.10.5 23 Oct 2013, 2:10pm WAV/RULE
PE Capital Raising Presentation - October 2013 23 Oct 2013, 1:59pm ADDRESS
PE Simplified Disclosure Prospectus 23 Oct 2013, 1:57pm RIGHT
PE Renounceable Rights Issue 23 Oct 2013, 1:56pm RIGHT
PE signs agreement with America's Choice Provid... 22 Oct 2013, 10:34am GENERAL
SSH Notice - Blair Tallott 18 Oct 2013, 2:16pm SSH
Cxbladder is Supreme Winner at NZ Innovators Aw... 18 Oct 2013, 12:34pm GENERAL
1st Commercial Sales Achieved for PE's Cxbladde... 18 Oct 2013, 11:34am GENERAL
SSH - Blair Tallott 16 Oct 2013, 10:25am SSH
PE Agreement with National Provider Network FedMed 16 Oct 2013, 10:20am GENERAL
Notice of Change in Issued Capital Stock 14 Oct 2013, 4:17pm ALLOT
Pacific Edge Limited - Correction of Share Regi... 10 Oct 2013, 5:25pm GENERAL
US accolade - accreditation granted to Pacific ... 2 Oct 2013, 11:02am GENERAL

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Directors' share transactions (last 5)

Directors & Executives (current)

Christopher SwannChairman, Independent Director31/12/2005
David DarlingCEO
David BandIndependent Director12/01/2007
Bryan WilliamsDirector01/06/2013
Colin DawsonDirector25/07/2002
Anatole MasfenDirector01/04/2008

Directors & Executives (former)

Peter FosterIndependent Director12/01/200723/08/2012
Anthony ReeveDirector22/08/200125/08/2011
Jonathan CochraneDirector30/08/200726/08/2010
Charles Farmer Jr.Director27/02/200128/08/2008