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Listed on NZX ( $0.400    -0.005    -1.23%)

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(2 out of 5)  

Computershare, Level 2, 159 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland
Tel : +64 9 488 8700
Fax : +64 9 488 8787
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Address: 57 Waterloo Road, Christchurch, NZL
Tel:  64-3-372-800 Fax: 64-3-372-801

Date first listed: 01/01/1982
Company Secretary: Julian Daly
Sector: Agriculture & Fishing Industry Group: Primary
Activities: Provider to the agricultural sector of a wide range of products and services

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name changed from Pyne Gould Guinness Limited - this followed the merger with Wrightson Limited which was merged into PGG to become PGG Wrightson (Wrightson shareholders received 1.028 PGG shares for each Wrightson share they held)07/10/2005

NZX Announcements (courtesy of NZX)

Title Date Type
PGG Wrightson Divests shareholding in 4Seasons ... 8 Apr 2014, 1:09pm ASSET
Appointment of Nick Berry, New Business Growth ... 4 Apr 2014, 12:22pm OFFICE
PGW Announces Resignation of General Manager Li... 3 Apr 2014, 9:56am OFFICE
PGG Wrightson Half Year Report to 31 December 2013 26 Mar 2014, 8:54am INTERIM
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - PGW - Mark Dewdney 4 Mar 2014, 9:26am RELINT
PGG Wrightson Shareholder Communications Options 27 Feb 2014, 10:42am S/HOLDER
Strong growth and profitability increases from PGW 25 Feb 2014, 2:53pm HALFYR
Half Year Results Announcement Details 27 Jan 2014, 5:11pm GENERAL
PGW Annual Shareholders Meeting Results 22 Oct 2013, 4:35pm MEETING
PGW Annual Meeting Announcement 22 Oct 2013, 2:11pm ADDRESS
PGG Wrightson Board Changes 22 Oct 2013, 2:03pm DIRECTOR
Initial Disclosure Notice - Officers Relevant I... 10 Oct 2013, 12:20pm RELINT
PGG Wrightson - Notice of Annual Meeting (22 Oc... 4 Oct 2013, 12:16pm MEETING
Retirement of Sir John Anderson, Chairman PGG W... 23 Sep 2013, 1:56pm DIRECTOR
PGG Wrightson - 2013 Annual Report 20 Sep 2013, 1:32pm ANNREP
Disclosure of Officers Relevant Interests 20 Sep 2013, 1:24pm RELINT
PGW acquires Water Dynamics and Aquaspec busine... 18 Sep 2013, 8:30am ASSET
2013 Annual Shareholders Meeting and Director N... 26 Aug 2013, 3:24pm MEETING
Ongoing Disclosure Notice - PGW - Mark Dewdney 19 Aug 2013, 2:00pm RELINT
Appointment of PGG Wrightson Real Estate Genera... 15 Aug 2013, 8:44am OFFICE
PGW Annual Results Full Year ending June 2013 13 Aug 2013, 8:23am FLLYR
PGW Warning Regarding Unsolicited Share Purchas... 19 Jul 2013, 10:35am GENERAL
PGW Annual Results Announcement - Year Ending 3... 12 Jul 2013, 11:13am GENERAL
John Stewart appointed GM - PGG Wrightson Seeds... 13 Jun 2013, 1:28pm OFFICE
Initial Disclosure of Directors and Officers - ... 13 Jun 2013, 9:03am RELINT
PGG Wrightson appoints Mark Dewdney as Chief Ex... 7 Jun 2013, 8:30am OFFICE
PGG Wrightson Managing Director Steps Down 30 May 2013, 9:53am DIRECTOR
PGG Wrightson Trading Update 14 May 2013, 8:30am FORECAST
Resignation of Steven Carden 4 Apr 2013, 3:20pm GENERAL
PGG Wrightson Half Year Report to 31 December 2012 20 Mar 2013, 8:30am INTERIM
Half Year Results for period ended 31 Dec 2012 27 Feb 2013, 8:30am HALFYR
Seed and Nutritional Technology Development 18 Feb 2013, 8:30am GENERAL
PGG Wrightson Shareholder Communications Options 1 Feb 2013, 1:35pm S/HOLDER
PGW Half Year Results Announcement Details 25 Jan 2013, 8:30am GENERAL
Further Agreements to Develop Agriculture in China 19 Dec 2012, 11:41am GENERAL
PGG Wrightson Dividend Policy 12 Dec 2012, 4:35pm DIVIDEND
Trevor Burt Appointed to PGG Wrightson Board 11 Dec 2012, 3:30pm DIRECTOR
Rodger Finlay Appointed to AgriTech Committee 7 Dec 2012, 5:00pm OFFICE
PGG Wrightson to Showcase Agriculture in China 7 Dec 2012, 12:02pm GENERAL
PGG Wrightson Directorship Appointments 4 Dec 2012, 3:59pm DIRECTOR
Crafar Farms Loan Repaid 3 Dec 2012, 8:46am GENERAL
PGG Wrightson Director Independence 7 Nov 2012, 11:11am DIRECTOR
PGG Wrightson Limited - Annual Shareholders Mee... 24 Oct 2012, 4:27pm MEETING
PGG Wrightson Annual Shareholders Meeting Prese... 24 Oct 2012, 2:00pm ADDRESS
Annual Shareholders Meeting and Board Changes 5 Oct 2012, 8:30am MEETING
PGG Wrightson Limited - 2012 Annual Report 20 Sep 2012, 8:30am ANNREP
2012 Annual Shareholders Meeting and Director N... 28 Aug 2012, 12:32pm MEETING
PGG Wrightson Reports $55m turnaround in bottom... 22 Aug 2012, 8:30am FLLYR
PGW: Notice Relating to Annual + Half Year Repo... 6 Aug 2012, 8:30am S/HOLDER
Resignation of PGG Wrightson Director 30 Jul 2012, 2:32pm DIRECTOR

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Directors' share transactions (last 5)

Directors & Executives (current)

Alan LaiChairman30/12/2009
Rob WoodgateCFO
Ronald SeahIndependent Director04/12/2012
John NicholNon Exec Director22/10/2013
Bruce IrvineDirector24/06/2009
Trevor BurtDirector11/12/2012
Kean Seng UDirector04/12/2012
Patrick TsangDirector04/12/2012

Directors & Executives (former)

John AndersonChairman, Independent Director01/03/201022/10/2013
George GouldManaging Director05/01/201028/06/2013
Zhi-Kang LiDirector02/11/201104/12/2012
WK TsangAlternate Director02/11/201104/12/2012
Bill ThomasIndependent Director05/09/200124/10/2012
Selwyn CushingIndependent Director07/10/200524/10/2012
Tao XieDirector30/12/200924/10/2012
Greg CampbellDirector02/11/201130/07/2012
Keith SmithIndependent Director07/10/200502/11/2011
Timothy MilesDirector18/03/200820/10/2010
Murray FlettDirector07/10/200528/02/2010
John McConnonDirector07/10/200528/02/2010
Michael NorgateDirector07/10/200528/02/2010
Samuel MalingDirector05/09/200130/10/2009
Brian JolliffeDirector30/05/200524/06/2009