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Listed on NZX ( $4.44    +0.04    +0.91%)

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Computershare, Level 2, 159 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland
Tel : +64 9 488 8700
Fax : +64 9 488 8787
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details


Address: Level 6, Federal House, 86 Federal Street, Auckland, NZL
Tel:  64-9-363-6141 Fax: 64-9-363-6140

Date first listed: 02/01/1996
Company Secretary: Peter Treacy
Sector: Leisure & Tourism Industry Group: Services
Activities: Operation of various casinos in Australia and New Zealand

name changed from Sky City Entertainment Group Limited25/07/2003

NZX Announcements (courtesy of NZX)

Title Date Type
SSH Notice - Perpetual Limited and subsidiaries 9 Feb 2016, 8:53am SSH
FY16 Half-Year Result Announcement - 11 Feb, 2016 2 Feb 2016, 3:35pm KEYDATES
Adelaide Casino expansion plan gets green light 22 Jan 2016, 1:07pm ASSET
Interim Result Guidance 19 Jan 2016, 8:44am FORECAST
Change to ASX Foreign Exempt Listing Status 6 Jan 2016, 1:25pm GENERAL
Disclosures of Senior Managers’ Relevant Intere... 6 Jan 2016, 9:51am RELINT
SSH Notice - Matthews International Capital Man... 31 Dec 2015, 11:33am SSH
SSH Notice - BlackRock, Inc. and related bodies... 24 Dec 2015, 10:07am SSH
Disclosure of former Director's Relevant Interests 17 Dec 2015, 10:17am RELINT
Final Director’s Interest Notice 16 Dec 2015, 3:14pm RELINT
SKYCITY: Presentation for UBS Investor Conference 16 Nov 2015, 9:33am ADDRESS
SKYCITY AGM Passed Resolutions 13 Nov 2015, 3:15pm MEETING
SKYCITY advances plans for expansion of Adelaid... 13 Nov 2015, 9:05am GENERAL
SKYCITY Annual Meeting of Shareholders & Tradin... 13 Nov 2015, 8:56am ADDRESS
SKYCITY(SKC): NZICC-related Regulatory Concessi... 12 Nov 2015, 8:41am GENERAL
Disclosure of Director’s Relevant Interests Notice 3 Nov 2015, 2:05pm RELINT
SKYCITY appoints contractor for NZICC and Hobso... 27 Oct 2015, 9:07am GENERAL
Resignation of Senior Manager 22 Oct 2015, 8:52am OFFICE
Auckland Council grants variation to NZICC reso... 14 Oct 2015, 8:51am GENERAL
Appointment of Senior Manager 13 Oct 2015, 12:46pm OFFICE
Disclosure of Director's and Manager's Relevant... 7 Oct 2015, 3:24pm RELINT
Issue of Shares under the SKC Dividend Reinvest... 2 Oct 2015, 8:47am ALLOT
Notice of Annual Meeting 1 Oct 2015, 9:07am MEETING
Allotment Notice - NZ Bonds 29 Sep 2015, 9:01am ALLOT
SKYCITY Notice of Meeting and Annual Report 25 Sep 2015, 9:41am ANNREP
Update to ASX Appendix 3A.1 24 Sep 2015, 11:47am GENERAL
Disclosure of Senior Manager's Relevant Interests 22 Sep 2015, 4:44pm RELINT
SKYCITY receives Resource Consent approval for ... 18 Sep 2015, 8:51am GENERAL
Resignation of Senior Manager 15 Sep 2015, 3:02pm OFFICE
SKYCITY Sponsored Level 1 ADR Program Becomes E... 7 Sep 2015, 4:06pm GENERAL
Quotation Notice: SKYCITY Entertainment Group L... 2 Sep 2015, 5:13pm LISTING
Bookbuild Successful and Interest Rate Announce... 2 Sep 2015, 3:15pm GENERAL
Narrows Indicative Interest Rate Range 1 Sep 2015, 11:09am GENERAL
Director’s Relevant Interests Notice 28 Aug 2015, 10:53am RELINT
SSH Notice - Matthews International Capital Man... 27 Aug 2015, 11:05am SSH
Sponsored Level 1 ADR Program launched with BNYM 26 Aug 2015, 1:04pm GENERAL
Standard & Poor’s Rating of SKYCITY Bond Offer 26 Aug 2015, 9:41am CREDIT
Closing Date for Director Nominations (SKC) 26 Aug 2015, 9:21am MEETING
BlackRock Change in Substantial Holding 24 Aug 2015, 5:11pm SSH
Waiver from NZX Debt Market Listing Rule 5.2.3 24 Aug 2015, 4:37pm WAV/RULE
SKYCITY Bond Offer Roadshow Presentation 24 Aug 2015, 4:34pm ADDRESS
SKYCITY Seven Year Bond Offer 24 Aug 2015, 4:29pm GENERAL
Disclosure of Senior Manager's Relevant Interests 24 Aug 2015, 10:19am RELINT
SKYCITY announces departure of director Peter C... 19 Aug 2015, 2:28pm DIRECTOR
Proposed Seven Year Bond Offer 19 Aug 2015, 2:05pm GENERAL
SKYCITY 2015 Year End Results 12 Aug 2015, 8:52am FLLYR

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Chris MollerChairman, Independent Director18/12/2008
    Nigel MorrisonManaging Director, CEO18/12/2008
    Rob HamiltonCFO13/08/2014
    Brent HarmanIndependent Director18/12/2008
    Peter CullinaneIndependent Director26/03/2008
    Suzanne SucklingIndependent Director09/05/2011
    Richard DidsburyIndependent Director20/07/2012
    Bruce CarterDirector12/10/2010
    Rod McGeochDirector20/09/2002
    Erin WilliamsAdministrator
    Peter TreacyCompany Secretary

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)

    James BurrellCFO06/05/2014
    Stuart WingCOO07/05/2012
    Dryden SpringIndependent Director31/10/200330/09/2011
    Jane FreemanNon Exec Director20/11/200705/03/2010
    Elmar ToimeNon Exec Director01/02/199630/10/2009
    Patsy ReddyDeputy Chairman31/05/199431/10/2008
    Bill TrotterNon Exec Director08/03/200031/10/2008
    Robert McLeodNon Exec Director30/06/2007
    Evan DaviesManaging Director16/11/199525/06/2007
    Jon HartleyChairman01/02/199631/03/2004
    Bridget WickhamNon Exec Director08/03/200008/12/2002
    Peter ElworthyNon Exec Director29/09/199530/10/2002
    Waari Ward-HolmesNon Exec Director01/10/2001

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.