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Listed on NZX ( $2.800    -0.020    -0.71%)

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Link Market Services, Level 16, 19 Victoria Street West, Auckland 1010 New Zealand
Tel : +64 9 375 5998
Fax : +64 9 375 5990
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details

Address: Level 12, State Insurance Tower 1 Willis Street, Wellington
Tel:  04 894 7320 Fax: 04 894 7319

Date first listed: 07/10/2011
Company Secretary: Leanne Walker
Sector:  Industry Group: Services / Finance & Other Services
Activities: Services / Finance & Other Services

News & Events

NZX Announcements (courtesy of NZX)

Title Date Type
Ongoing Disclosure Notice (Rob Campbell) 12 Sep 2014, 5:15pm RELINT
Initial Disclosure Notice (Sadhana Raman) 10 Sep 2014, 8:30am RELINT
Ongoing Disclosure Notices 9 Sep 2014, 2:14pm RELINT
Summerset Half Year Report 2014 8 Sep 2014, 8:39am INTERIM
Notice of Allotment of Securities 8 Sep 2014, 8:36am ALLOT
DRP Strike Price and AUD FX Rate for 2014 Inter... 3 Sep 2014, 11:08am DRP
SSH Notice - AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand... 2 Sep 2014, 1:36pm SSH
SSH (Milford Asset Management Limited) 1 Sep 2014, 3:12pm SSH
SSH Notice - New Zealand Superannuation Fund No... 29 Aug 2014, 1:20pm SSH
Ongoing Disclosure Notice (Rob Campbell) 19 Aug 2014, 1:51pm RELINT
Financial Results for the Half Year Ended 30 Ju... 12 Aug 2014, 8:30am HALFYR
Summerset to Build NZ$130 Million Village in El... 8 Aug 2014, 9:20am GENERAL
SSH Notice - New Zealand Superannuation Fund No... 29 Jul 2014, 12:52pm SSH
SSH Notice - (AMP Capital Investors) 21 Jul 2014, 12:29pm SSH
Timing of Half Year Financial Results 8 Jul 2014, 8:30am GENERAL
Summerset Appoints General Manager of Marketing 4 Jul 2014, 10:34am OFFICE
2Q14 Metrics - Sales of Occupation Rights 4 Jul 2014, 8:46am QUARTER
Changes to Dividend Reinvestment Plan 11 Jun 2014, 12:35pm DRP
SSH Notice - (Fisher Funds Management Limited) 28 May 2014, 9:39am SSH
SSH Notice - Milford Asset Management Limited 27 May 2014, 8:01am SSH
Ongoing Disclosure Notice (Anne Urlwin) 26 May 2014, 4:03pm RELINT
SSH Notice - (NZ Superannuation Fund Nominees L... 21 May 2014, 12:53pm SSH
SSH Notice - New Zealand Superannuation Fund No... 14 May 2014, 3:18pm SSH
Ongoing Disclosure Notice (Tristan Saunders) 6 May 2014, 5:27pm RELINT
SSH Notice - (NZ Superannuation Fund Nominees L... 1 May 2014, 4:05pm SSH
Annual Meeting - Outcome of Meeting 30 Apr 2014, 4:06pm MEETING
Annual Meeting - Chairman and CEO Addresses 30 Apr 2014, 1:00pm ADDRESS
Summerset Buys Land to Extend Village in Auckland 30 Apr 2014, 1:00pm GENERAL
Ongoing Disclosure Notice (Norah Barlow) 11 Apr 2014, 3:20pm RELINT
SSH Notice - Accident Compensation Corporation 9 Apr 2014, 2:13pm SSH
1Q14 Metrics - Sales of Occupation Rights 9 Apr 2014, 8:41am QUARTER

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Directors' share transactions (last 5)

Directors & Executives (current)

Robert CampbellChairman, Independent Director20/09/2011
Julian CookCEO07/10/2011
Scott ScoullarCFO01/03/2014
Anne UrlwinIndependent Director01/03/2014
James OgdenIndependent Director02/09/2011
Marie BismarkDirector01/09/2013

Directors & Executives (former)

Norah BarlowManaging Director, CEO26/03/200907/04/2014
Christopher HadleyDirector17/04/200921/10/2013
Marcus DarvilleDirector17/04/200921/10/2013
Jason CachiaDirector05/06/200921/09/2011
Neville YoungDirector19/07/200712/04/2010
Murray GribbenDirector06/10/200431/08/2009
Anthony BeverleyDirector21/06/200626/03/2009